Design and deliver the experiences your customers deserve

Create unique digital experiences and lift engagement with Altis Accelerate. Designed to empower marketers with the tools you need to inform and delight your audiences.

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Personalise content for each visitor & track the results

Take control of who sees what on your site by tailoring blocks of on-page content to predefined audiences and measure the results. Build memorable digital experiences by displaying only content that is relevant.

Content Personalisation

Audience segmentation

Omnichannel distribution


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Optimise your sites, provide better user experiences & engage more visitors

Improve user experience and make your content more discoverable with features like split testing and flexible, powerful multilingual search functionality. Altis learns to understand your users.

A/B testing

Multilingual search

Machine learning



More efficient teams with robust collaboration tools

Altis Accelerate makes it easier to work with content creators both within your organisation and externally. Provide clear direction for content creators and sub-editors and consolidate communications in one place.

Publication checklists

Publishing workflow automation



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Get back to publishing great content

With a host of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence tools built on top of the world’s most popular CMS, you can focus on what matters.

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Intelligent image tagging & cropping

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Built on WordPress

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“We needed a system and a piece of technology that would force a reckoning of our team members to actually learn what digital publishing is, and what digital marketing means today.”

Parker Ward, Global Head of Digital and Content, Capgemini

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