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Next-generation enterprise WordPress hosting.

Secure, scalable, and flexible. Serving over 38 billion requests every year.

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The end-to-end WordPress solution for productive teams

We know your cloud hosting is just one part of the overall picture. We’ve built Altis to help your team across the whole development lifecycle. Learn more →

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Security by design

We’ve built Altis Cloud from the ground up to provide the advanced security that enterprises need, taking WordPress security to the next level.

Find out why banks, news organizations, and Fortune 500 companies trust Altis with their WordPress sites.

Discover Altis security →

View-based pricing that scales

Planning CPU units, bandwidth, or PHP workers is a headache.

Unlike other hosts, Altis pricing is based only on how many page views you get in a year, with automatic scaling to handle anything from hundreds to millions of views a day.

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Built for Developers

Lightning-fast WordPress development

We thought long and hard about what the best development experience on WordPress would be.

Then we built it.

An integrated, cloud-like local environment eliminates surprises and speeds up development. Integrated continuous deployment makes Webpack builds and Composer dependencies a cinch.

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