Platform security

WordPress Security

Bring next-level security and compliance out-of-the-box to your website, embedded throughout Altis at both the software and infrastructure levels.

Robust access control

Prevent unauthorised access to your site with strong password reinforcement, multi-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO), IP-based controls and role-based permissions.

Automated activity tracking

Altis makes meeting compliance easy with a tamper-resistant automated audit log of every action taken in the platform along with the user and IP information. Custom action reporting enables you to track every function that touches your digital experiences.

Text, Number, Symbol

Due to the nature of the content we publish, our site often experiences unpredictable traffic spikes, but this summer we experienced our first major DDoS attack. Tha Altis cloud team was immediately responsive, keeping our site online and solving the issue before we even noticed.

Vinny Green, Chief Operating Officer

Protect your site from vulnerabilities

Automatically block malicious traffic to your website with Altis’s extensive web application firewalls. Work with our cloud engineers to adjust your environment to meet bespoke security and configuration requirements.

Reliable infrastructure and disaster recovery

Protect your digital assets against the worst-case scenario. Altis cloud environments include both automated and manual disaster recovery to ensure your data is never lost. Built on AWS infrastructure, if a server goes down, there’s another one available with no interruption to your customers’ experience.

Critical support and security event monitoring

The Altis team is made up of some of the very people who are part of the WordPress Security Team. They actively monitor our cloud infrastructure to catch potential issues before they arise.

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