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For Developers

We’ve spent the last decade building, running, and maintaining WordPress sites at scale. We’ve experienced the challenges caused by massive traffic spikes, the inability to debug intermittent problems in production, and struggling to ship changes at scale.

We thought long and hard about what the best development experience on WordPress would be.

Then we built it.

Want more? Try it locally now:

$ composer create-project altis/altis my-project
$ cd my-project
$ composer server start

Observe every request

Understanding performance and debugging at scale can be tough.

Our unique X-Ray tool provides observability of every single request. We instrument every single PHP request, even on production, with no impact on performance.

Because we capture 100% of the PHP requests, all the data you need to identify and fix problems is right at your fingertips.

Plus, our log viewer gives you access to error logs across PHP, nginx, email sending, MySQL, Elasticsearch, and wp-cron, as well as MySQL and Elasticsearch slow logs.

Dive even deeper with the shell

Need to run a wp-cli command or run a database query? Just hit the Start Session button in the Dashboard and you’re in. You’re basically Mr Robot.

You have full access to the sandbox container, and we don’t limit any CLI commands, so debug and test to your heart’s content. Plus, you’re connected to the live database, cache, and Elasticsearch servers, so you can run complex migration scripts.

We keep full audit logs of every shell session, so you can go back and see what commands you ran last time, or check who’s been doing what.

Develop locally, deploy consistently

Our fully integrated local environment mirrors our Cloud environments – in fact, we build them from the same Docker containers we run in production. That includes MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, and S3 replicas to mimic your Cloud environments precisely.

Work locally and consistently with your team in full confidence that your code will work exactly as you expect.

When you’re ready, push your code up to your dedicated development and staging environments, and let your team perform testing and QA before you go live.

Test, test, test

The hardest part of quality assurance and testing is often just setting it up in the first place. That shouldn’t be the case.

We’ve designed tools specifically for WordPress to set up and configure end-to-end, integration, and unit testing in seconds. We’ll even generate and manage the continuous integration configuration for you.

Ready to get started with Altis Cloud?

Check out our plans or get your own tailored recommendation with one of our experts.