How to Add Personalization to Your WordPress Site

If you’ve ever bought something from Amazon where it’s introduced you to a product you weren’t searching for or read that extra article recommended to you, it’s likely you were…

Jon Ang
Director of Sales

WordPress-Powered Content Personalization: What Makes an Engaging and Memorable Digital Experience?

The more frequently you use something, the higher your expectations become – and this rings especially true online. The more you visit a particular website, or shop online with a…

Corey Brown
Content Marketing Manager

Altis v11: Improved analytics, WordPress 5.9 & FSE

Altis v11 continues our commitment to giving marketers and editors the most advanced WordPress-powered tools to deliver digital experiences. We have introduced a new analytics processing framework, enabling businesses to…

Ryan McCue
Product Director

Partner Spotlight: Atomic Smash

Atomic Smash build beautiful websites – just check out their own. They custom-build WooCommerce and WordPress platforms and they value, like Altis, the importance of digital experiences and meeting shifting…

Jade Engelbrecht
Partnerships Manager

Optimizing Content Workflows in WordPress: How to Make Your Marketing Go Further, Faster

‘Content is king.’ Marketers are well-used to hearing this statement. Content folks have always known the importance of digital content and, when done right, the immense value it brings to…

Liz Allen
Marketing Manager

Strategic Content Marketing: a Framework for Omnichannel Success

Arguably, content is the most overused, yet often misunderstood term in marketing today. Content marketing isn’t a siloed discipline – it takes a holistic, solution-based approach to drive effective and…

Peter Erni
Managing Director – Brain & Heart Communications

Partner Spotlight: Saucal

There’s always been great synergy between Altis and our partner Saucal; WooCommerce development expertise meets a WordPress digital experience platform is a recipe for eCommerce success. Like us, Saucal are…

Jade Engelbrecht
Partnerships Manager

4 Ways to Streamline Content Creation on Corporate Blogs with Altis

Many enterprise companies use a CMS like Adobe Experience Manager or Sitecore as their primary CMS, however organizations like Marks & Spencer’s, SAP and Etsy also implement WordPress as a…

Andreas Ramov
Account Executive

Optimise Your WordPress Website for the Cookie-free Future with First-Party Data

When Google first dropped the news in February 2020 that it would be deprecating third-party cookies for its Chrome browser, it sent shockwaves across the business and marketing communities. Only…

Liz Allen
Marketing Manager