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Open the door to growth and performance with an Altis Impact Site Audit

Eliminate growing pains and get ready for success at scale on WordPress.

Prepare your WordPress site for scale with a broad technical analysis of key website elements

Page Load Speed

Are you fast enough? The time it takes a page to load is the single most important factor in mobile user experience.*

Plugin Performance

Ensure all your plugins are doing their job efficiently without security compromises. We’ll also advise on viable alternatives.


We’ll scan for critical security issues across the site within the code, plugins, and themes.


Optimise your site’s current content and structure to realise full search engine ranking potential.

Back-End Performance

A scan for PHP errors and warnings that your code might be producing, as well caching and adherence to best practices.

Theme Optimisation

We’ll assess your site’s WordPress theme for any inefficiencies and security risks, advising on how to bring it back up to speed.

Conducting a thorough site audit will reinforce the quality of your website architecture and ensure your stack is working for you – not against you. Prime your site for peak performance under the strain of high traffic volume.

Improve user experience through boosted site performance

  • Faster page load speeds improves visitor retention
  • A more reliable backend and higher availability provides consistent, quality user experiences
  • Improved site security lifts user confidence

Unlock the insights that will take your website to the next level

  • Receive a step-by-step list of actionable recommendations
  • Future-proof your website against developing technology and the difficulties of scaling
  • Faster web pages for better user experience and search rankings

“Site audits provide us with a great way to explore exactly what, where and how we may be able to empower a better site experience for your customers, communities and audiences.”

Joe Hoyle | CTO

Gain actionable technical insights with a WordPress Site Audit from Altis

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